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Harold's End T-Shirts are here!

Read a letter JT wrote to the other creators of Harold's End.

Harold's End Press Release

Dave Eggers writes:
"JT Leroy's first two books, Sarah and The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things, will prove to be among the most influential American books of the last ten years. This is not because they are read and understood by everyone; it's because they are read and loved, rabidly, by thousands of young and very sensitive people who believe that JT speaks for them. He does speak for them, and does so without knowing that he does, and does so with a perfect and bizarre eloquence. JT is in the company of Denis Johnson, Raymond Carver and Thom Jones, in having the ability to take the profane and miserable and making it exquisite. The worlds they bring us to are bleak and seemingly godless, but somehow we cherish our time there. How can they do this? The answer is in the words they choose to define hell. They do not choose the usual words, and in this we find pleasure.