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Letters of support from famous friends

From Peter Murphy:
It's all getting like some bizarre remake of Spartacus via The Life Of Brian.
I am JT!
No, I am JT!
Next public reading, you should hand out LeRoy masks a la Being John Malkovich.
Anyway as David Lynch says, keep yr eye on the donut, not on the hole.

From Stuart Semple:
Don't worry about those twats... They don't understand and they never will. They see too much of themselves in things to get close enough to applaud what they wished they could do in the first place.

Listen, David Bowie IS NOT REALLY named david bowie, nor bob dylan, nor Elton John...

Warhol Sent a body double to do his lecture tour. BECAUSE HE COULD!

Mark Kostabi never painted a freeking painting!

Just keep writing, it's what will keep you going. Just get really into the work.

My Manager told me (when I had some real bad press) "Did they spell your name right... How big is the article... Does it have a photo"

Either way you are a marketing genius, which is exactly what an exceptional artist of any form needs. Eminem isn't called Eminem or Slim Shady but he knows how to market. Marketing is good and can sell anything, but you've
actually got something with a lot of intensity and reality behind that, some real meat at the end. Thank god you worked out how to get the stuff out there!

Your talent deserves any trojan measure!

Anyway, I kind of wanted to say to you that the words you wrote are real, and your identity is not important. That's what always has amazed me the huge obsession with the person behind the work. Once people see who it is, they are always disappointed, good artists put the best bits in the work.

Come to England! I'll hide you under my bed, paint you and feed you smartie cake!



From Alan Hickman
Judging from your most recent newsletter, you seem to be dealing with your "identity crisis" in a positive way--with humor. I just watched Gus Van Sant's "Last Days," and it got me to thinking. Michael Pitt seems to be playing Blake as a somewhat more self-destructive version of you, if you get me. We rarely see his face in the film, and thenmostly behind sunglasses. Did he borrow any of your mannerisms? I am reminded ofwhat photographs of you (I assume they are of you!)I have seen on your website. It's a very powerful film, at any rate. With "Elephant," this film wouldappear to arguethat Van Sant is back on form. He seems to be borrowing from several versions of the poete maudit legend, not just Cobain, but also Lennon and Morrison. Have you read Charles Nicholl's "Somebody Else"? It's about Rimbaud's last years. Oh, well, I'm rambling. But it's good to see that you're getting a grip on this thing.


From the Nerve Interview with Mary Gaitskill:
About the J.T. Leroy story in New York magazine. I had heard those rumors for a long time, specifically that J.T. was someone you had created.
That I had created? Gee, I wish I were that, uh. . . I only create people on the page, I don't have them physically walking around.

There was also a rumor that he was someone you and Dennis Cooper were collaborating on. That is such a kooky idea. Whoever believed that, I don't think they know how to read. The three of us, Dennis, J.T. and me, we do not write at all alike. I mean, Dennis Cooper and I it would be almost impossible for us to collaborate, and if we did, it wouldn't come up with J.T. Leroy.

So is he real? He's a real something. I'm not totally sure what he is. And I don't mean that in a bad way. I don't really know what he is or who he is. But I don't care. I like him a great deal and I think he's wonderful. I don't care if he's a hoax.

From Billy Chainsaw:

Dearest JT

I see that the does JT LeRoy exist? myth seems to going into meltdown mode. The journalist as debunker, debaser, the indiscriminate two- facer, coming on like a scientist determined to disprove the presence of the unexplainable through the appliance of personal science. Boy, do those folk make me grin like Lewis Carroll's ginger tom : )

Why is it that the intangible has to become its polar opposite to be fully understood. Life needs its mysteries because its the mysteries that make life worth living that and love.

Ultimately the likes of those obsessing over your existence have no real lives of their own otherwise they'd be out there living them... so does that mean that they don't truly exist?

coverfrom Shirley Manson of Garbage
To whom ever it may concern:
I hereby solemnly swear, with my hand upon my very own small but trusted heart , that our little bug is our little bug. I have held his little hand in mine, looked him in the eye and recognised him as a good person, both honest and true. I have listened to him giggle, belch, rant , rave, laugh uproariously and on the odd occasion I've even heard him sob. I have also turned to him in need and he proved himself a reliable friend.
I have his back and damn the men who don't.

coverfrom Davey MacManus, lead singer for The Crimea
the importance of believing that there is a J.T leroy

Show me a boat that doesn't have Barnacles.
like neil armstrong the b-movie hero
the KIng and his Queen Freddie
it's true that J.t is other worldly.
It's true that J.t has a Princess Leah streak.

Mice have been known to carry the black death.
Jesus christ the Coward only lasted forty days.
J.t went all the way.
smitten by misfortune
Baby gorillas die from a broken heart when orphaned

I seen J.t's footprints beside me in the sand
I held J.ts hand
in San francisco
in New york
in London
in Paris
J.t was embarrassed

coverfrom Mary Gaitskill:
what SHOULD have been quoted in the New York magazine article
To the Editors:
Considering that Stephen Beachy's article on JT Leroy is about lack of authenticity, it does have a certain small but strange feature: while I have in fact met and spoken with JT Leroy, I have never met or spoken with Stephen Beachy--and yet a reader of the article would reasonably conclude that I had. I wrote the description of my meeting with JT years ago and it was not meant to dispute his account of the same meeting, which was also written years ago. His account does not contradict mine, nor state that he spent lots of time staring into my eyes; one can see what a person's eyes look like, and notice that they have a pimple in, well, seconds.
Mary Gaitskill

# from photographer Mick Rock
I've tasted my friend JT's brain, and it's very delightful and nourishing. And it's full of soul.....Certainly it was he who interviewed me very recently and wrote about me for London's Sunday Times. Only he could have written about the very magical photosession we enacted a couple of years with such depth and authority. Certainly the photos we produced are no hoax. He allowed me to reach a passion and truth that could not be faked. This I know unequivocally. The fact that he enjoys shapeshifting and playing with myth and identity and the expectations of journalists puts him directly in line with certain old friends of mine (cf David Bowie, Lou Reed and Freddie Mercury etc). True talent creates its own rules and inner truths. To the envious and pedantic I say: Get a fucking grip........

If this works for you feel free to pass it around. You and I are the firmest of friends. Let's storm the citadels of mediocrity. No fear. And no quarter given.....

coverfrom Stephan Jenkins, Third Eye Blind :)
team jt:
the project is progressing nicely in spite of recent press accounts that could risk exposure. the story, now debunked as rumor, is actually serving to further the jt as one person myth. more, the propaganda value of the stories is manifesting itself in increased book sales. congratulations team jt! we are richer than ever.
the final touches are being put on the jt jet, and the property in Uruguay is almost paid for. not since the days of the single bullet theory has such a wide spread conspiracy had such appeal and success.

From fellow writer Peter Murphy
It all boils down to this:
I can't prove the existence of god, but I sure do love the bible.
Ya gotta have faith.
and you can quote me on that.
Peter Murphy, October 21, in this year of our lord 2005

From Litsa Dremousis
Hey, Jessica--

I often read Gawker and usually enjoy your work. I don't agree with everything you write, but I respect that you're trying to puncture some massively inflated egos (Paris Hilton, et al).

So I was dismayed when I read today's Gawker piece on JT LeRoy. I've interviewed him twice and we've become close friends. We've exchanged several hundred emails, talked on the phone dozens of times, and spent time together in person. He exists and he pens his own work. I think he's one of the finest writers working today. You disagree and so be it: not everyone appreciates the same art in the same way. But please know that he's kindhearted and erudite and hilarious. And in order for JT to be a hoax, he would have had to fool Vanity Fair (the U.S. and British versions), the New York Times, BlackBook, Interview, Paper, Bloomsbury Press, Last Gasp Books, Zoetrope, Dave Eggers, Vendela Vida, Bono, Zadie Smith, Madonna, Tom Waits, Lou Reed, Arthur Bradford, Mary Karr, Carrie Fisher, Yoko Ono, Jerry Harrison and others of considerable intellect and talent. Think it through. Do you really believe that's possible?

I'd post this in the comments section, but I'm on a Mac using I.E. and as you noted, the comments section is configured so that those of us with this set up can't post. But if you choose to post this in the comments section, you have my permission.

Best to you and yours,
Litsa Dremousis